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Step 1 MT4 Server Receives Trade

Order is recieved by the MT4 server and immediatley sent to the FIX engine

01:19:42:783 (+0ms)
Taker Received Time 1:19:42:783
Taker Symbol XAUUSD
Taker Order Type MARKET SELL
Taker Volume 5.00
Taker Requested Price 1566.15
Market Bid 1566.15
Market Offer 1566.15

Step 2 FIX Engine Receives Trade

Order is received by the FIX gateway and matched with LP’s quotes. Orders are sent to each LP to be executed

01:19:42:784 (+1ms)
Quote Time Marker Price Volume
1:19:42:728 AM SkoutID#:198578-O 1566.15 50
1:19:42:635 AM GSID#:198578-O 1566.15 200
1:19:42:773 AM XTXID#:198578-O 1566.14 250

Step 3 LP Confirms Trade

LP confirms and receives trade. LP sends confirmation back to the FIX gateway

01:19:42:785 (+2ms)
Execution Time Volume Price Executed Time(ms)
1:19:42:786 AM 50 1566.15 1
1:19:42:848 AM 200 1566.15 63
1:19:42:785 AM 250 1566.14 0

Step 4 FIX Engine Confirmation

FIX engine receives confirmation back from LPs. FIX engine sends a single fill back to the MT4 server

01:19:42:848 (+65ms)
Execution Time Volume Price Executed Time(ms)
1:19:42:83 AM 50 1566.16 50

Step 5 MT4 Confirmation

MT4 server sends a confirmation to the client terminal.

01:19:42:848 (+65ms)
Taker Received Time 1:19:42:848
Taker Symbol XAUUSD
Taker Order Type MARKET SELL
Taker Volume 5.00
Taker Requested Price 1566.15
Taker Executed Price 1566.14
Total Finish


Trader has successfully completed his XAUUSD trade with a total duration of:

65 milliseconds

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