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Trade better on the world’s most innovative and popular trading platform. Follow your favourite assets, find trading ideas, chat with others, spot trends, and trade directly from the charts.

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Use Global Prime as your TradingView broker

If you’re a trader wanting to experience the TradingView platform the way it was meant to be; low costs, global market access and no restrictions, then Global Prime is the broker for you.

We have an institutional style trading setup, supported by 3 prime brokers and over 26 liquidity providers. This means you’ll be getting incredibly sharp pricing and excellent fills on your trades. What’s better is that you’ll be able to verify our performance with trade receipts that show the bank who filled your trade, execution speed, slippage and more.

TradingView + TraderEvolution

We’ve combined the TradingView and TraderEvolution platforms to give you one of the most powerful packages on the market today. The two platforms speak with each other so you can manage your orders on either platform.

The world's most beautiful and powerful charts

TradingView gives you complete control over the look and feel of your charts to make your analysis that much easier and enjoyable.

Global Prime

ECN Account Features

Pricing & Execution
From 0.0 Pips
Minimum Deposit
A$ 200 or equivalent
Zero Fee
Multiple Funding Options
Margin Call/Stop
120% & 100%
Min. Trade Size
0.01 Lots
Max. Trade Size
Up to 1000 Lots
Free VPS*
*Trade over 20 lots / month
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  • 100+ Markets

    FX, Metals, Commodities, Indices, Crypto, Bonds, Shares

  • ECN Account Types

    Individual, Joint, Corporate and Trust accounts

  • Account Currencies


  • Commissions

    7 USD/lot or commission free

More Indicators & Tools than you’ll ever need

TradingView comes with hundreds of indicators, 50+ smart drawing tools, and a set of tools for more in-depth market analysis, covering the most popular trading ideas and strategies.

Global markets in your hand

TradingView is a true multi-asset platform, connected to hundreds of markets including stocks, futures, all major indices, Forex, Crypto, and CFDs. Add financial and alternative data to the mix, plus professional news and economic calendars and you get a depth of coverage not available on any other public platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TradingView? Right Arrow

TradingView is the world’s most popular trading platform and social network for traders. It is widely regarded as having the best looking charts that pack the most functionality, features, and extreme customisation. We personally love them!

You can use TradingView to follow your favourite assets, find trading ideas and chat with other traders. TradingView is one of the most widely recognised charting and trading platforms, designed to enable high level charting capabilities via an advanced and user-friendly interface.

The Global Prime TradingView setup enables you to trade with Global Prime’s pricing and execution whilst using the powerful TradingView charting functions and benefitting from the TradingView trading community.

How do I login to my Global Prime account with TradingView? Right Arrow

The TradingView integration is made possible by Global Prime’s TraderEvolution platform. TradingView serves as a Front-End, while TraderEvolution is the Execution Platform. TraderEvolution accounts can be requested from within the client portal under the ‘Accounts’ tab. Simply create a TraderEvolution account then select Global Prime from the brokers section within TradingView and you will be able to use the TraderEvolution live User Login details to connect your accounts from TradingView. A single TraderEvolution User Login can have multiple accounts under it and you can select and trade from these within TradingView.

Step 1 - Navigate to and Login to your TradingView account or Create TradingView account if you don’t already have one.

Step 2 - Enter Chart page

Step 3 - Click the ‘Connect’ prompt or in the bottom Menu bar, click ‘Trading Panel’ and ‘...’ Icon to show all brokers

Step 4 - Find and hover over ‘Global Prime’ and click ‘Connect’

Step 5 - Enter in your Trader Evolution User Login details

Do I need an account with TradingView to access my Global Prime account? Right Arrow

Yes, you need to sign up for a TradingView account to access the integration.

Step 1 - go to

Step 2 - select the basic package (no monthly fee)

Step 3 - follow the prompts and you’ll be logged in

Step 4 - connect your Global Prime TraderEvolution account

Can I connect to TradingView with MT4? Right Arrow

No, the TradingView platform only connects to accounts using the TraderEvolution platform.

Are there any fees involved with connecting my account to TradingView? Right Arrow

There are no additional fees for trading via TradingView, the standard trading costs will apply just like when you trade via TraderEvolution.

Does Global Primes Liquidity Providers connect directly into TradingView? Right Arrow

No, TradingView is simply a Front-End platform that connects to TraderEvolution Execution Platform. The execution of trades happens on TraderEvolution. The TradingView platform can be used for charting, placing trades and managing orders.

Is pricing and liquidity different on TradingView vs TraderEvolution? Right Arrow

Pricing and liquidity are the same as all prices and data is streamed directly from TraderEvolution into TradingView in real time.

Is there any added latency or slower execution when trading with TradingView? Right Arrow

Our TradingView setup is fast, however, an additional step is added to the trade flow process and therefore, some delays in execution and data updates can occur.

If speed is important for you then use TradingView for charting and analysis, and TraderEvolution for order execution. The beauty is in the choice!

Can I open a position on TradingView and close it on TraderEvolution? Right Arrow

You can open and close positions on either platform. Positions and orders and synced between the two for easy account management across any device.

Can I set stop-losses and take-profits on TradingView? Right Arrow

Yes, you can. Simply use the ‘stop’ and ‘limit’ tabs in the trading window to set stops via TradingView.

Can I trade all the Global Prime products with TradingView? Right Arrow

You can trade all Global Prime’s products including forex pairs, Commodity, Indices, Shares, Crypto and Futures. Please note, Shares/Equity Stocks are only visible if you login to your TraderEvolution User Accounts.

Can I see all my trades on TraderEvolution? Right Arrow

All trades that are placed with TradingView are executed through TraderEvolution. This means that you can use TraderEvolution to see your open/closed positions.

Does Global Prime offer technical support for TradingView? Right Arrow

Global Prime will do whatever we can to help manage your account and troubleshoot platform issues.

TradingView technical support may be required for some platform specific issues since it is web based and hosted by them. We’ll definitely be your first point of contact!

Is pricing and liquidity different on TradingView vs MT4? Right Arrow

There can and will be pricing differences between TradingView and MT4. We use slightly different technology and execution pools. This combined with platform side processing of quotes will cause the difference.