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AutoChartist is constantly monitoring the markets on your behalf and sends you price alerts whenever a new opportunity emerges.

Autochartist also offers a range of other features that can be extremely useful for traders, including:

  • Detailed charts and analysis
  • Fundamental and technical analysis
  • Educational resources
  • News and market updates

The key features of Autochartist are intended to spot trends in charts, with the main advantage being real-time market information it provides.

Autochartist Email Subscription

We offer a variety of Autochartist email reports allowing you to have a faster, clearer and smarter way to trade. Seize your opportunities with these email report subscriptions.

Daily Market Snapshot

This email contains a market snapshot that provides a 24-to-48 hour view on the market. This report is generated 3 times per day at the opening of the European, Asian and US sessions in the language and instrument class of your choice.

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High Impact News Events

This email contains a list of highly impactful economic news events that are to be released in the next 8 hours. Be prepared for volatility and plan your trading strategy accordingly.


Trade of The Day

Receive one of the most interesting Trades of the day via email. An Autochartist in-house market analyst provides an in-depth view into what makes the trade of the day an ideal opportunity to trade.


Best 5 Trades From Last Week

Do you want to know which trade setups performed the best last week? Autochartist sends out weekly emails every Monday with the Best 5 trades of the previous week. Make sure you do not miss out on this.


Correlating alerts

This service alerts traders of instances when multiple analysis types across numerous timeframes all forecast a movement in the same direction. It is one of Autochartist’s most valuable trading tools


Autochartist for MetaTrader

The Autochartist Market opportunity scanner is the perfect trading companion. Whether you are trend trader or a swing trader, Autochartist approaching and breakthrough patterns will show you where the action is. If you’re interested in a particular timeframe or pattern type, use the Filters option to customize the market activity you see.

Getting Started

Installing the Autochartist MT4 Plugin


The World’s first Market Scanner for MT4


How to use the Autochartist MT4 Plugin

Autochartist Mobile App

Download Autochartist App

The Autochartist Mobile application gives you access to opportunities that have the highest probability of hitting your targets.

Every opportunity is evaluated against past performance with respect to the pattern type, the instrument and the time of day it was identified. You get notified by push notification when a new trade stop is found.

Your Autochartist questions, answered.

Where can I download the Autochartist app? Right Arrow

You can download and install the app across a number of app stores, including: Apple AppStore, Google Play, Tencent, AppChina, PP (Alibaba), Zhushou 360 and Lenovo.

Can I subscribe to multiple email alerts? Right Arrow

Absolutely! You can subscribe to a number of Autochartist email alert services.

Can I unsubscribe from a list? Right Arrow

Yes you can. An unsubscribe link is available in all emails. Follow the link and you will be unsubscribed.

Do you have an Autochartist app user guide? Right Arrow

Yes we do. View the getting started with Autochartist mobile app guide.