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Global Prime is one of the only brokers in the world where you can find the founders and team chatting away on a Sunday with their clients. Any question gets answered with no exception!

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*Rated World’s #1 Forex Peace Army
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Discord Channels



Ask the team anything. Want to know what we ate for breakfast? No problem. Have a question for the liquidity and pricing team? Super. Our aim is to surprise you with our radical transparency and interest to serve.


Channels covering #forex, #stocks, #crypto, #metals and #indexes for sharing charts and chatting about anything market related.


A channel for sharing strategies, risk, psychology, brokers and anything trading related.


Feel free to share any news articles in this channel. Some of the material shared can be very useful to fully scan the news that are moving the markets or simply for fun.


A casual channel for all to hangout.


This is the place to share some of the feedback we receive from our clients and partners. Nothing makes us happier than the daily endorsements we receive.


Feel free to briefly introduce who you are. It helps to create more synergies among the community and it’s great to get to know more about each other.

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Featured Channel

#Mentor Rooms

Whether you are into Elliot waves, order flow and liquidity analysis, price action or even MT4 indicator-based strategies, you’ll find it all inside the Mentor Rooms. Keep in mind that Mentor Rooms are not only for beginners and we’ve found that even our more advanced clients are choosing to follow along.

How to Join Mentor Rooms

MentorRooms sits on it's own Discord and is only available to Live Global Prime clients. Please join via this invite. Once you land in the GP - MentorRooms, all you must do, is to head to #choose-your-mentor where you will find all the instructions needed.

  • 1. Click the emoji for the Mentor you wish to follow
  • 2. Follow the prompts that the Global Prime Bot sends you via Direct Message
  • 3. Once approved the rooms will be unlocked for you automatically.
  • 4. A monthly/yearly fee may apply. This decision is subject to each Mentor.

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Discord Channels

#Ivans insights

Ask the team anything. Want to know what we ate for breakfast? No problem. Have a question for the liquidity and pricing team? Super. Our aim is to surprise you with our radical transparency and interest to serve.

Ivan Delgado is a decade-long Forex Trader. Feel free to follow Ivan on Youtube. Join thousands of traders who follow Ivan's insights to increase their profitability rate by learning the ins and outs of how to read and trade financial markets. Ivan has you covered with in-depth technical market analysis to help you turn the corner.

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Discord Bot

How to use

You can send !help [command name] to get info on a specific command!


Connect your LIVE MT4 account with our discord bot!


See the leaderboards for our competition.


Confirm your verification code with our discord bot.


This command will enter you into competitions. It will create an MT4 demo account for you to trade with. If no account currency is provided, USD is used.


Get all currently running competitions.


List all of my commands or info about a specific command.

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Discord Global Prime

Your questions, answered.

What makes the Global Prime Discord Community so special? Right Arrow

Global Prime is one of the only brokers in the world where you can find the founders and team chatting away on a Sunday with their clients. Being able to chat with fellow traders 24/7 will help keep you company while you are trying to squeeze out those last few pips before bedtime.

Any question from the GP Team gets answered with no exceptions. At Global Prime we always tell it like it is. We openly discuss everything from how we operate, to our A-book model, spreads, platforms and of course building up our client's education alongside Ivan Delgado our Head of Market Insights.

Get close to our team and opportunities may arise such as job offers or joining private mentor rooms hosted by other clients.

Our community is tight knit and inside you will find fascinating conversations from real traders discussing their strategies and approaches to the market.

Everyone is welcome and you don't need to be a Global Prime client to join. If you wish to stay up to date with the markets, hang out with fellow traders and the rest of the team, we have got you covered.

How do I join the Global Prime Discord Community? Right Arrow

You can join the Discord directly from this link.

It's free to join and use Discord and you can keep track of the channels inside using all types of platforms such as PC, Phone Apps, Mac, Web etc.

Who hangs out in the Global Prime Discord Community Chat? Right Arrow

Inside the Global Prime Discord you'll find the Global Prime team including founders, general manager, support staff, platform architects and liquidity specialists. It's where the Global Prime clients and community hangout as well as where third party technology providers interface with real traders in order to improve their offerings.

There's traders of all skill levels and there's even Mentors who can assist with your trading.

What is talked about in the Global Prime Discord Community Chat? Right Arrow

We discuss everything from market related happenings, trading strategies, trading platforms and automated trading.

Clients can make suggestions to the Global Prime team in the #suggestions channel. There is an #ask-us-anything channel where every question gets answered in true transparent fashion — nothing is off limits.

There are monthly competitions for demo and live trading with cash prizes. Traders love participating in these competitions as they share results in a live leader board which helps to hold them accountable to their trading.

The team behind trading platform TraderEvolution is on hand ready to answer questions and receive feedback.

If you are looking for trading mentors we have separate Discord servers for each Mentor available. The trading styles offered are different so you can be sure to find a mentor that suits what you are looking to do with your trading.

What are the rules for the Global Prime Discord Community Chat? Right Arrow

Keep the peace! Please be kind and courteous to other members. Avoid subjects which may be offensive to other members such as religious views. Be Respectful. Be sensitive of other people's ideas and content they share.

No offensive messages or nicknames — Anything that a reasonable person might find offensive.

No spam — This includes but is not limited too, obvious promotional material, loud/obnoxious noises in voice, @mention spam, character spam, image spam, and message spam.

No Gorey, Sexual, or scary content — Screamer links, porn, nudity, death etc.

No harassment — Including sexual harassment or encouraging of harassment.

Use the appropriate channels.

No self or user bots — These are in some cases against the discord TOS and if you need a bot for something use one of the bots already in the server.

Swearing is allowed so long as it isn't directed at another member.

If you have a conflicting view of strategies or trading ideas posted here share them however please don't make them personal or vindictive. Friendly jabs are okay. Moderators have final say on all issues that arise — Moderators reserve the right to remove any posts without explanation.

There may be situations not covered by the rules or times where the rule may not fit the situation. If this happens the moderators are trusted to handle the situation appropriately.

I noticed a special role called Ambassadors — what's this? Right Arrow

Global Prime Ambassadors are hand chosen based on their contributions to the Discord and community. They are given access to a private channel where we discuss happenings on the Discord and inside Global Prime. They are a tough bunch that ask the right questions and aren't afraid to hit us up on any concerns they may have.

There are other perks offered to Ambassadors from time to time. To be considered for an Ambassador role you should be actively posting in the Discord to the point where we've gotten to know you pretty well.

What can you tell me about the Trading Mentors that Global Prime offers? Right Arrow

Mentors is the first ever subscription based interactive marketplace where aspiring traders can engage with a range of market professionals for trading setups, trading education and guidance.

The Mentor program focuses on daily analysis and live streams combined with an interactive 'always-on' chat feed between you, the Mentor and other traders. This is what makes Mentors so powerful.

Each of our Mentors has a unique market approach and trading style.

Greg Rubin— Elliot waves, Fibonacci, Basic and advanced technical analysis.

Ivan Delgado — Basic and advanced technical analysis. Trading order flow with the underlying trend.

Dave Floyd — Trading Style :Swing trading and scalping

Benefits of World Class Trading

Tight Spreads

You'll be able to trade on competitive rates and leverage our global reach.

  • We understand what you need
  • Trade with a transparent broker


Deep liquidity through ECNs and dark pools. Get the ECN advantage.

  • Be a part of an elite trading community
  • Be confident in your trading decisions

Range of Markets

Get access to the world's most liquid markets. Trade 24 hours a day.

  • Keep up with your favorite assets
  • Be confident when trading

Radical Transparency

Trade Receipts - the easy way to verify your trades.

  • Make smarter decisions about trading
  • Feel like an insider when you trade

No Restrictions

We've got you covered: technical, fundamental, news, and EA friendly.

  • Learn how to trade without worry
  • Be in control of your trades

Low Latency

Fast execution speeds from as low as 1ms. Competitive pricing

  • Get the best prices in the market
  • Get what you want, when you want it

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